Slot Machine Review: Battle Royale

We here at InsideCasino have a lot of respect for Skillzzgaming, a Tel Aviv-based game developer, because of their refreshingly original take on what a casino game should be. For instance, Battle Royale contains all the defining characteristics of a genuine money online slot game, including betting ranges, multipliers, autoplay, and, of course, the payoff. Battle Royale is not a slot machine, but an RPG in which players build teams of heroes to take on monsters and earn wealth and fame.

Battle Royale Slots: The Full Scoop

Renodet the Brave, Diabla the Necromancer Queen, Randolph the Minotaur, Brugnur the Dwarf, and Miandra the Mermaid are the first five characters you’ll command in the role-playing video game Battle Royale. As you go through the game, additional heroes will join your group, expanding your roster of potential party members.



The most crucial fact to remember about these heroes is that they all have unique abilities, levels of volatility, and victory rates. These individual actions have a cumulative impact on your winning potential and financial reward.


The “Play” button initiates a combat between your heroes and a variety of monsters when a wager has been placed. A random card will be dealt to each of your heroes, and that card will either do damage to the opponent, trigger your hero’s unique ability, or kill the enemy and remove them from the game. Until one side or the other is vanquished, each hero who survives the round receives a new card. When an opponent is vanquished, the player receives a payment according to the hero’s volatility.



What sort of options are available in Battle Royale?

The game’s distinctive features aren’t the only things that make Battle Royale fresh and exciting, though.


Islands Much like earlier games by the developer Skillzzgaming, Battle Royale has a variety of levels, or “islands,” that players may advance through. You can visit these islands if you gather enough island stones, which appear at random during the game. The islands’ benefits, such as cost-free combat, are in addition to the game’s RTP.


Paradise Found

The game’s most prominent island is appropriately called Treasure Island. You can visit this event island once every 12 hours for a total of 20 fights. While here, you’ll get a 25% bonus on all of your winnings and have a chance at drawing a rare gem card worth 1000x your stake, the game’s top reward.


Theme, Visual, and Sound Design

Battle Royale, like other RPGs, is set in a fantastical universe heavily influenced by the Middle Ages. The game’s tone is lightened by Skillzzgaming’s cartoonish rendering. An inspiring orchestral score completes the atmosphere of leading your soldiers into combat.


The Condensed Version of Our Royale Review

Battle Royale is yet another example of Skillzzgaming’s ability to deviate from the norm of online casino games. The game’s promise of significant real money wins, combined with the game’s novel role-playing mechanics, is enough to captivate even the most jaded casino players.



Role-playing games are completely unique.

Stunning visuals and a pulse-pounding soundtrack

Rare and temporary occurrences


One thousand times maximum payout

a lot of ups and downs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Battle Royale

The concept of “Battle Royale” is unfamiliar to most people.


Skillzzgaming’s Battle Royale is a competitive multiplayer online role-playing game with a wagering component.

Battle Royale: How Do You Play?


In Battle Royale, you assemble a team of five heroes, decide how much to wager, and then hit Play to pit your heroes against waves of foes. To hasten things along, utilize the Autoplay function.

For how much can you expect to win in a “Battle Royale?”


Battle Royale has an expected return to player (RTP) of 94.77%.






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